Out Loud, In Silence

Resources Needed:

  • None


Explain that we’re going to start our worship today by thinking about two things. Firstly things we are thankful for and secondly things that we are sorry for.

Ask people to spend about a minute around the table coming up with as many things as they can think of that they are thankful for (these shouldn’t be detailed stories but just simple one or two word statements).

After a minute or so (as you sense that people are starting to finish) explain that if we you were in school you might ask people to silently raise their hands and wait to be asked to share the thing that they are thankful for but that this morning you aren’t going to to that. Instead you are going to ask the congregation “what are you thankful for?” and you want them to respond by shouting out everything that they have discussed all at once.

You might want to get them to try it again a couple of times if they aren’t loud enough.

Once this is done you should say a short prayer thanking God for all the good things that he has done for us.

Next explain that you would like them to think about the things that they are sorry for this week in silence rather than out loud. Have one minute of silence in which people can confess what they have done wrong to God.

At the end of the minute pray a short prayer thanking God that when we ask for his forgiveness he gives it to us and wipes the slate clean.