Pause, Rewind, Delete, Play

Resources Needed:

  • Images of things from the past on paper or slides e.g. an outdated watch, a Walkman, some old fashioned high tops
  • A VHS
  • Images of the pause, rewind, delete and play symbols


Talk through the images of the things of the past and who can remember them and what they thought of them. Then show the congregation the VHS. Do people remember them. Do people remember that you had to rewind the VHS back to the start? Do people remember the excitement of being able to record things from the tv so that they could pause and play programmes for the first time?

Then use the following to prepare for worshipping God.

Pause: This is the time to pause everything that we are thinking and doing so that we can enter God’s presence.

Rewind: This is our chance to rewind our week and to say sorry for what we have done wrong.

Delete: When we have brought our sins to Jesus, they are deleted from God’s sight forever.

Play: Now we are right with God we can continue in our worship.