Items Needed:


Show the clip then use the following text (adapting it to your own congregation):

Perspective is an amazing thing. Sometimes we think we see things clearly one way and then something happens to change our perspective and suddenly we see the same thing in a completely different way.

The images in the video are amazing, they look like real, solid, 3D things and then you turn the paper slightly and everything changes.

Sometimes when we come to church we come with a set of ideas about who God is and what he is like. This can happen if we’ve never been to church before but it also happens to people who come every week. We build up an image of who God is and what he does and we don’t allow him to challenge that or to show us a new perspective.

This morning make a conscious decision to allow God to speak to you.
To allow him to challenge you as we hear his word, to inspire you as we worship him.

The bible tells us that God is beyond our understanding – allow him to give you a new perspective as we come to worship this morning.