Praise Him

Resources Needed:

  • Paper
  • Pens/Felt Tips
  • Mixed Art/Craft resources
  • Blu Tack


Read out Psalm 69:34 – we love The Message version for this one – “You heavens, praise him; praise him, earth; Also oceans and all things that swim in it”

The Psalm tells us that all of heaven and earth praises God. Take a minute to think about what your favourite part of creation is – it might be stars or mountains, a particular type of fish or animal maybe even a plant or flower. Once you’ve picked something start creating it – we want loads of pictures of different parts of God’s creation.

Once you’ve finished your creation you might like to write on the back of it a short prayer of praise and thanks to God – about creation or something that God has done for you.

Once people have finished give two or three people the opportunity to share their creation and their prayer of thanks to God.

After they have shared ask everyone to bring their creations and to stick them to a wall (if you don’t have a wall or place them on a large table where everyone can see them.