Prayer Is Like A Telephone

Resources needed:

  • Paper cups (white cardboard ones are easy to decorate!)
  • String (You can pre cut the string if you want to)
  • Child friendly scissors
  • Felt tip pens/coloured pens
  • Matchsticks


Print one or two copies of the following text:

Telling people good news!

How do we tell people good news? One way is to telephone them.

Whilst we can’t make proper telephones this morning we can make some pretty cool string ones.

Make one using the instructions, you can decorate it too if you want.

What do you have to be thankful for?
Do you have anything that you are grateful to God for?

Use your telephone to tell a friend and then listen to what they have to be thankful for!

Print a few copies of the following instructions alongside an example you made earlier:

Take 2 cups and make a small hole in the bottom of each, thread the string through the two holes on the cups bottoms.

Have an adult help you tie a matchstick to each end of the string this will stop the string coming out.

Find a friend and move away from each other until the string is stretched out.