Prayer for a New Year

Resources Needed:

  • Banqueting roll, flip chart paper or large piece of paper with Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter written on it or the months of the year
  • Pens
  • Powerpoint slide or handout with some known events for the coming year e.g. sporting, political, in your community

Have the large piece of paper and the handout/slide out for the congregation to see. Allow them time to think of things that they know will be coming up in their lives- both ones that they are looking forward to and ones that they are not. Ask the congregation to come up to the piece of paper and to either draw or write down their events or the ones from the handout. As they do this they can offer them to God in prayer whilst remembering that He will be with them in this new year as they face the things that excite them and the things that frighten them.