Radical (Advent 3, Year C)


Luke 3:7-18

Talking points:

These are ideas and suggestions designed to help you to prepare your own talk rather than a script to use word for word.

  • The people of Israel had been expecting a messiah. Lots of them thought that would be someone who would beat up their enemies the Romans and kick them out and then make Israel a might country with a strong army again.
  • But John says that the way to prepare for the Messiah is to clean up their hearts and live lives of radical love. Giving to others who have less than them, treating people honestly and fairly, not bullying and manipulating to get what they want but being satisfied with what they have.
  • This prepares them for Jesus, who won’t be the military leader they expect, but who will also tell them to “Love God with all you are”, “Love your neighbour as yourself” and “love your enemies”.
  • In Advent we are reminded of God’s radical love for us in Jesus. Love that didn’t require us to earn it, love that was self-sacrificing not self-centred, love not just for those who loved him but also for those who were far away. If we are really touched by that love and celebrate it, it will cause us examine ourselves because we want our lives to show the same kind of love to the world around us.
  • Key Point: God’s love for us is demonstrated in Jesus, and he calls us to live lives of radical love in response.

This talk is followed by the prayer stations “Doing Christmas Differently