Many new congregations are looking for creative and inter-active worship resources. On this page, we’ve gathered hundreds of these, which were all created and used by Zone2, the All-Age Café-Style congregation at Liverpool Cathedral. Many of them are easily adapted to other types of congregation also.


Before we can start new congregations, we have to be able to share the Gospel with others, and enjoy doing it! This series of videos show us how we can go about doing this, in a confident and natural way.

  1. Intro. Video
  2. 4 Missional Milestones
  3. Connect 
  4. Drawing People To Jesus
  5. The Queue & The Traffic Light
  6. Transitions
  7. Share – Prayer Stories
  8. Share – Your Story
  9. Gospel Presentation
  10. Invite
  11. Gather 
  12. Train