Road Sign Intercessions

Resources needed:

Printed Road Signs (visit – you’ll need a variety of road signs, we went for 12 per table printing six per A4 sheet and cutting them out individually  Go for some obvious ones, no entry, stop, give way etc and a couple of more obscure ones if you want. It can be helpful to include one blank road sign as well.


Today we’re going to use some familiar objects to help us to pray. On your tables there are 12 road signs. Take some time to have a look through them and pick one or two that bring to mind something that you’d like to pray for.

For example you might use the “Stop” sign to pray for an end to human trafficking or the “Crossroad” sign to pray for those facing a big decision. Take a few minutes around your table to discuss which of the signs stand out to you and which you’d like to pray for.

[After a couple of minutes invite people to explain in a sentence or two which signs they chose and who they would like to pray for. Close with a short prayer naming some of the situations mentioned and the Lord’s Prayer.]