Shoes Off


Do you remember when Moses saw the burning bush? When he realized he was in the presence of God he was told to take off his shoes because he was standing on Holy Ground.

If you feel comfortable to, I’d like to invite you to take off your shoes. Don’t worry if you would prefer not, you can just imagine it. (take off your own shoes).

Please stand.

God is here. Jesus promised that when we gather in His name, he is with us in a special way.

This is Holy Ground!

Not this building, but this time and space which we set apart to meet together in his name.

Let’s take a moment to think what it means to be invited to stand on Holy Ground.

(pause for a few moments)

Let’s pray asking for forgiveness and cleansing from all that is not holy in us so that we can worship God with all our hearts.

(Conclude with a prayer)