Start With Prayer!

“In the early morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house, and went away to a secluded place, and was praying there.” [Mark 1:35]

When I went to Theological College I was struck by how so many things had changed for me. Having been trained as a primary school teacher, with several years of experience under my belt,  I was used to be being the instructor, but here I was the student!


Image courtesy of Shubham Sharan


Perhaps the biggest change was the morning routine. As a primary school teacher the mornings could be a bit crazy, working out which children had missed the school transport, finding ways to get them into school, finding cover for staff who were ill, having conversations with parents and staff – these were all things that could easily happen before the school day actually started.

However, at College, nothing happened before morning prayers – no meetings, no lectures, no decisions, no planning…

Instead, we started each day in the Chapel, where Staff and Students alike would gather as a Community to pray together… and then the day would start. My three years in College was a good grounding for me both to understand, and experience, the importance of praying together, of holding everything before God in prayer – seeking for His wisdom, waiting for His answers.


Image curtesy of Priscilla Du Preez


Time and time again in the Bible we read of how Jesus found a secluded place and prayed. Jesus modelled for the disciples, and for us, how to bring things to God. To wait on God. Which is exactly what one group of people in Wigan are doing.

They have heart, a desire to set up a worship community in a school, but they haven’t started yet! They are, however, meeting online to pray. Rev. Mark Wade explains why:

“For the next six months we are spending time to pray and listen to God in what he is asking us to do in one of our local Schools. Already through praying it is looking different to how we imagined a Worship Community in a School would look like. As we sit, wait and listen we believe we are being given a clearer picture of what God is preparing and not our plans but his. As a leadership team we have done this before in planting worship communities in School. It is hard to not just get started however each time as we have stopped and waited in prayer, it has enabled us to plant something different than we imagined and right for that place. Prayer and waiting works!’

So, whether you are looking to start a new Worship Community, or maybe just looking for a calmer start to your day – start with prayer!


Some Reflection Questions

  • In what, and where, do you need Gods wisdom?
  • Is God asking you to start something new, but you don’t yet know what that will look like?
  • Why not get some people together and start praying, and then get in touch with us at the Joshua Centre?

By Dawn Harrison