Surprising Generosity

This station follows the talk “The Wedding At Cana

This station needs a bit of advanced planning but should be well worth the effort. It is definitely one of the most memorable stations we’ve ever done at Zone2. You’ll need two people to serve up ice creams and and a table where people can add their own toppings. Your ice cream should be ok in a cool bag with ice in it if you don’t have access to a freezer. You might want to call people up a table at a time to avoid a rush – people waiting at the tables can be getting on with the other two activities (Do Whatever He Says & Thank You!) in the meantime.

Resources Needed:

  • Ice Cream Cones
  • Ice Cream (Some vanilla and some chocolate – enough for everyone to have an ice cream)
  • Ice Cream scoops
  • Ice Cream Toppings including chocolate sprinkles, hundreds and thousands, different flavour sauces etc. You can buy these fairly cheaply in all the big supermarkets and you’ll need to buy enough that everyone can have as much as they want (you don’t want to run out by the time you reach the last table). It is probably best to avoid any with nuts in.
  • Napkins


Today we’ve heard about God’s surprising generosity to us so we thought we’d give you the opportunity to experience some surprising generosity first hand – this time in the form of ice cream!

When your table is called up you can come up and get your ice cream from one of the team and then move on to the toppings table and add whatever you would like to your ice cream. Once you’ve added your toppings you can go back to your table to enjoy it knowing that no matter how good your ice cream is God wants to bless us even more.

People who are waiting for their table to be called can get on with the other activities whilst they wait.