Talking About Jesus

In the ‘Loving-First’ journey (see image below), most of us are confident in the first three stages (i.e. listening to people, loving them, and building community), but we struggle with the second three stages (i.e. sharing Jesus, being church, and multiplying congregations).



The main reason for this is that most of us do not know where to begin when it comes to sharing Jesus. Here is one simple and practical way to get started, which anyone is capable of, but which requires a little bit of courage:

Invite people in to a ‘Conversation With A Difference

This is an in-person or online group of between 3-6 people who agree to meet together regularly for a few weeks, to have conversations based around a theme which is important to them all. The challenge lies in getting them together – the rest is easy.

Each time the group meets they will discuss their chosen theme (which might, for example, be ‘continuous improvements’), and try to apply that theme to various different areas of their lives (like their relationships, their work, their health etc.).

But here’s the twist…

At a half-way point in the discussion, you should ask: ‘What might the world’s greatest thinkers have to say about this topic?’, and at some point in the conversation which ensues, you can share what Jesus’ angle on these things might be.



After a few weeks, it will become obvious to the group that you have a bit of an obsession with Jesus, and somebody may even ask you about it. If you haven’t already done so, that would be a great prompt for you to explicitly share Jesus with them all.

A word of caution…

Groups like this don’t work very well if they are full of Christians. Your conversations will be much more interesting and effective if a range of views are shared, and your perspective is given in personal weakness, as someone in the humble minority.

So, why not try this out? You never know what it might lead to, and you might even enjoy it…