Text Intercessions

Resources Needed:

  • Post it notes
  • Pens/Pencils
  • Sheet of flipchart paper with a large mobile phone drawn on it.


Most of us use our phones on a regular basis We text, use Facebook or Tweet daily – in fact a recent survey saidthat 60% of British adults check their phone for messages within 50 seconds of waking up every morning.

We get used to communicating in short bursts like this but when it comes to prayer many of us feel we don’t know where to start. Well our prayers can be really simple and short – just like our text messages.

Take a minute to write a short message to God on a post it bringing before him something that is on your heart or a situation that you want to pray for. Keep it to one simple sentence just like you would a text message. Praying can be just that easy!

Once you’ve written your message come and stick it to our mobile phone as a sign of offering it to God.

          Post-it prayers