The Burning Bush

Resources Needed: 

  • Burning bush outfit- suitable for a child/ adult to wear
  • Sheep toy- for a child to be a sheep with Moses
  • Tea towel- for Moses to wear
  • People to play the burning bush, sheep, Moses, God and a Narrator
  • Print out the passage for your actors to read their parts out


Summary of the Talk:

  • Set the scene- Moses is an Israelite who was raised by Egyptian royalty when his mum had to send him down the Nile to save his life from Pharaoh who was killing baby boys. Moses then murdered an Egyptian who was mistreating an Israelite. He then fled Egypt for Midian, married, had children and became a shepherd.
  • Act out the Bible verses of Exodus 3:1-15- the encounter between God and Moses through the burning bush. Give your actors a script, especially the Narrator.
  • Who God is, His name. God is holy- Moses had to take off his shoes. God is the same, dependable, totally faithful- ‘I am who I am’. No one created God.
  • God listens. He heard the cries of the Israelites in Egypt and has a plan to rescue them. God wants us to cry out to Him when we need rescuing and He is just as capable now of rescuing us as He was the Israelites in Egypt.
  • God sends. Moses was shaped and prepared by God to lead the Israelites out of slavery- first in the palace and then in Midian as a shepherd. God uses each one of us and if we listen and depend on Him then He will help us with any task that He gives us to do.