The Dishonest Manager – Using My Gifts

This station follows the talk “The Dishonest Manager

Resources Needed:

Large sheets of paper and pens for every table


In the talk we heard that Jesus challenges us to be just as crafty as the con men of the world but to put our time and energy into projects that will build God’s kingdom. The idea behind this station is to help people to identify gifts that they have and to encourage them to work in partnership with others to achieve them.

Encourage people to be as creative as possible.


On your table there are some large sheets of paper and pens. We’re going to do a few things with these. Firstly spend a few minutes thinking of a gift or gifts that you have. Gifts could include anything from being a good listener to being able to bake cakes or being able to coach a sport or build a website. Write these gifts down on the large sheet of paper along with the other people on your table.

After everyone has had a chance to write something down spend some time discussing as a table how the gifts on the sheet could be used to advance God’s kingdom – who could you serve or bless with those gifts? How could they make a difference in someone else’s life? Pick one or two ideas per person to concentrate on.

Finally go round the tables and ask people to share some of the ideas that they have to the whole room – it might be best to pick one person from each table as a spokesperson. Once you’ve done this give people a few minutes to move around the room, find someone whose idea they liked and come up with the next practical step that they need to take to see if their idea could work.

Encourage people not to let these ideas stay unfinished but to put them into practice. If you are able to offer people financial or practical support in getting an idea off the ground then ask them to bring their ideas to you after the service.