The Hall Of Faith – Inspiring Faith

This station follows the talk “The Hall Of Faith

Resources Needed:

  • Blank Jigsaw Puzzle – we found a 1000 piece puzzle in “The Works” craft shop for £3. (
  • Felt tip pens
  • Printed instructions

Printed Instructions:

When you think of people who showed great faith who do you think of?

Perhaps it is someone from the bible, maybe it is someone famous in history for showing great faith or even a friend or a family member whose faith inspires you.

Use the felt tip pens to write the name of that person and maybe a bit of their story on the jigsaw puzzle – if you prefer you could draw a picture instead – make it big, bold and colourful.

Spend a couple of minutes reading the other names that are on the puzzle and being inspired by them.

After the prayer stations have finished (possibly even as a closing activity before the end of the service):

Bring up the jigsaw puzzle that has been coloured in and written on and use the following words (adapted to fit your context):

The stories of faith that we’ve read today are not just stories of things that happened to other people in other places at other times. They are part of our faith. We are part of their faith. The names we that have been written on this jigsaw are not just people who we read about. The stories about their faith are also stories about the faith that we share with them.

The God that the people of the Old and New Testament put their faith in and the God that the famous Christians of history and the present day put their faith in is the same God that we are called to put our faith in. We’re inspired by these amazing stories and these amazing people.

As we finish today I want to invite you to come up and take a piece of this jigsaw puzzle home with you to remind you that faith is not something that happens in isolation. Keep it somewhere where you will see it regularly this week to remind you that your faith, my faith, our faith is part of something bigger!