The Lord Is Here


We often start our worship by saying

The Lord is Here
His Spirit is with us

Today we’re going to use that call and response in a different way so when I say “The Lord Is Here” I would like you to respond “His Spirit Is With Us”. And please say it at whatever volume I use.

Sometime we are stopped in our tracks with signs of God’s presence. A sunset. A stunning piece of music. A sign of love from someone. Or just something we can’t describe but it’s like a shout that is louder than anything else
(shout)The Lord is Here – His Spirit is with us

Let’s be completely silent for 30 seconds – no noise at all!

Sometimes God seems completely absent. It’s like heaven is silent. We feel cut off from God through our own sin or through the hard things we are going through.
In the silence let’s remember
The Lord is Here – His Spirit is with us

Sometimes we know God is here but’s it’s like a tiny whisper. Life is busy, we’re running to keep up. Or Our minds are full of things to do, things we are concerned about and endless distraction. Let’s listen for the whisper

(whisper) The Lord is Here – His Spirit is with us

Often God’s presence is just there. With us. In ordinary day by day life. And we quickly forget and take it for granted. So today let’s stop and recognise
The Lord is Here
His Spirit is with us

Lord, thank you that you are here.
Help us when we don’t feel we can hear you or sense you. Forgive us our sins as we forgive others.
Help us to listen carefully to your whisper today. To put aside all the loud noises that distract us.
Help us today not to take your presence in ordinary life for granted.