The Value of God’s Word

A Smuggler’s Game

No one should be without God’s word.  


  • 2 bags/ suitcases
  • Holiday items to fill the bags/ suitcases (they should be quite full)
  • 3/4 individual pictures of the Bible printed on card or a small Bible
  • A policeman’s hat (optional)
  • Tea Towels (optional)
  • Table
  • A timer

Part 1:

Ask your congregation if they can smuggle the Bible to those who need it without getting caught at customs.

Aim of the Game:

If the policeman finds the hidden Bible/s in the bag before the timer runs out then they win.

If the policeman doesn’t find the Bible in time- then the smuggler wins.

How to play:

  1. You need a friend to play with you. Either become a smuggler or a policeman and put on the costumes. The policeman’s hat is for the customs officer and the tea towels are to be worn around the mouth and tied at the back.
  2. The policeman turns around/ goes out of the room, whilst the smuggler hides the Bible card/s somewhere amongst their belongings in the bag that is on the table.
  3. The Policeman has to find the smuggled Bible card amongst the belongings before the timer runs out.


  1. Depending on the policeman, the timer can be set at different amounts of time.
  2. You can hide as many Bible cards as you like in the bags for the policeman to find.
  3. You can have as many policeman and smugglers playing at the same time as you want.

Part 2:

How do you show in your life that you value God’s word? Pray for those who do not have access to the Bible that God will make a way.

Discussion Questions:

  1. How do you read the Bible?
  2. What is your favourite verse/ passage of the Bible? Why?
  3. What advice would you give to a new Christian about how to read the Bible?