The Visit Of The Magi Activity

This station follows the talk “The Visit Of The Magi

Resources Needed:

A variety of types of paper (such as white and coloured paper and tissue paper) Felt tip pens & coloured pencils
Scissors, Glue, Sticky tape


The magi and the shepherds who came to visit Jesus were at completely opposite ends of the society. But they came to Jesus regardless, with whatever they had to give.
What is it that we have to bring to offer to Jesus?
A talent or ability?

Some of our time? Some of our resources?

The idea of this prayer station is to get people to think about this a bit and to create something as a whole congregation.

Tell the congregation that they are going to create an Epiphany scene. Assign each table or group a part of the story of the Magi’s visit. For example depending on numbers, a couple of tables can take the Magi, another can create camels, others a home and the star and others Mary and Joseph and Jesus. Split them in whichever way works best for your group.

Allow 15 minutes for groups to create their different parts of the scene. Encourage them to be as creative as possible.

Ask them to write around their creations whatever it is that they want to bring as a gift to Jesus. Once everyone is done stick all of the artwork on a table or wall where everyone can see them.