There I Am

Resources Needed:

  • None


In Matthew 18:20 Jesus says “where two or three gather in my name, there I am with them”

Let’s take a moment to be quiet and let that settle in, if you’re comfortable to do so then I’d invite you to close your eyes.

Jesus says that when his followers meet together in his name he is present there with them.

Jesus is here, with us, in this place, today. Right here. Right now. Jesus is here.

That might provoke mixed reactions in most of us. It might also bring to mind those things that we have done wrong, things that we have done that we feel ashamed of.

The good news is that Jesus offers us forgiveness, a clean start.

In a moment of silence bring to him anything that you want to say sorry for.

And then, as we receive his forgiveness we might feel a sense of joy or excitement. Allow it to inspire you to worship, to be thankful.

Pray: Lord Jesus, thank you for your presence with us today, for your love and your forgiveness. Fill us with joy and thankfulness as we come to worship you this morning. Amen.