We help leaders learn to live and lead like Jesus, by using a relational process, called:

Weekly Prayer

We ask all the leadership teams of new Congregations to pray together once every week. This builds team & solve problems.

Monthly Training

We ask these teams to attend a training session once a month, for six months. This enhances knowledge & strategic insights.

Quarterly Reviews

We meet with the main leader of each Congregation, and their Parish Vicar, once every quarter. This helps thing stay ‘on track’.

Termly Coaching

We ask the leaders of each team to meet with their Parish Vicars once every term. This keeps communication fresh & open.

Annual Retreat

We ask the leaders of each team to attend a spiritual retreat once every year. This is for them to re-charge & be refreshed.


The monthly training sessions take place in the first floor meeting rooms of the St. Aidan’s Centre in St. James’ House (20 St James Road, L1 7BY). We start with a meal together at 6pm, and finish by 9.00pm. See below for session dates in 2019:

Group(s) Session Term Date Year
4 One Spring February 11th 2019
2 Three Spring March 11th 2019
3 Two Spring April 8th 2019
4 Two Summer May 13th 2019
3 Three Summer June 10th 2019
4 Three Summer July 8th 2019
3 & 4 Four Summer August 12th 2019


Group 2: Platform #2 (Rainhill)
Marshside (Southport)
Group 3: New Horizons (Kensington)
Group 4: Minis (SJiC)
That Music Thing (SLiC)
St. Gabriel’s, Toxteth
Family Church
L8 Open House
Frontline Old Swan