In order to equip and enable the lay leaders of our new congregations to both live and lead like Jesus, the Joshua Centre is using the Cultivate leadership development process – a relational approach towards growing disciples and developing leaders.


Have a browse through the following Prezi presentation to see the key components of Cultivate The Safari browser on a Mac has trouble viewing this. Mac users could try viewing it in Chrome, or clicking on this link for a PDF version: 54321 of Cultivate).


In the first term there is an ‘Induction Session’ + ‘Session One’ for new groups of teams. ‘Session Two’ happens in the second term. ‘Session Three’ happens in the third term. When exactly these terms fall (on the Calendar) depends on when each team starts to engage in the Cultivate process.


Each Session will start with a meal together at 6pm, and finish by 9.30pm, so that people are both able to come after a day in work, and still get home at a sensible time afterwards. They (usually!) take place on the second Tuesday evening of the month.


These Sessions will either be held at the new St. Aidan’s Centre in St. James’ House, or in one of our Cathedral’s meeting rooms.


Cultivate training sessions planned for 2018/19:

2018 Spring January 9th Induction Session for Group 1
2018 Spring February 13th Session One for Group 1
2018 Summer April 11th Induction Session for Group 2
2018 Summer May 8th Session One for Group 2
2018 Summer June 12th Session Two for Group 1
2018 Autumn September 11th Induction Session for Group 3
2018 Autumn October 9th Session One for Group 3
2018 Autumn November 13th Session Two for Group 2
2018 Autumn December 4th Session Three for Group 1
2019 Spring January 8th Induction Session for Group 4
2019 Spring February 12th Session One for Group 4
2019 Spring March 12th Session Two for Group 3
2019 Spring April 9th Session Three for Group 2