Two Or Three

Resources Needed:

  • Pens & Paper (prayers will be in groups of two or three so you’ll need enough paper and pens for one per group)


As we began our service today we read a verse from Matthew’s gospel where Jesus said that when two or three are gathered in his name he would be present with them.

If Jesus was sitting in the chair next to you what would you ask for his help with? Perhaps something for you or for your family or perhaps about a situation elsewhere in the world.

Working together in twos and threes at your table write discuss some of the things that you would like to pray for. If you’d like to you could write some of those things down to help you to remember to pray for them in a moment.

Once you’ve talked through the things you’d like to pray for, and written down any bullet point reminders if you need to, then spend a couple of minutes  praying for those things together in the knowledge that Jesus is present with you. If you’re comfortable to pray out loud then please do, short and simple prayers are absolutely fine.