Walk The Walk – Dragons Den

This station is based on the talk “Walk The WalkResources Needed:

  • Pens, Paper, Scissors
  • Glue, Tape
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Optional: Coloured Paper, Card & other craft materials


This activity is one that works well as a table based activity. Explain the instructions and have the questions on a PowerPoint slide – make sure people understand what you’re asking them to do!

In today’s talk we thought about what makes a good “pitch” on Dragon’s Den. Some of the inventions that are brought to the Dragons are extremely creative so this morning we thought we’d see how creative you can be.

In groups of two or three we want you to come up with an invention that you think would change the world.

Not an invention that would make you rich beyond your wildest dreams but an invention which would make a real difference to real people.

You can draw designs for it or, if you are feeling more creative, design and build a prototype!

While you are doing this at your tables there are a few questions on the screen for you to discuss!


  1. What idea or invention do you think has changed the world more than any other?
  2. On Dragon’s Den the inventions that are successful  are the ones who can back up their ideas with actions – Inventions that don’t work are very rarely invested in. How important is it for us to live in such a way that our actions match our words?
  3. Jesus’ actions matched his words perfectly.He lived in a way that meant that people experienced God’s love and acceptance through him. What one thing can you do this week to demonstrate that same love and acceptance to those around you.

Once people have had time to create their inventions and discuss their answers invite people up to share some of the inventions that they have created. It is probably a good idea to avoid asking people if they would invest or not!