Why Are You Here?


As we come to worship this morning we’re going to take a few moments to be quiet and to reflect on why we are here today. I’m going to ask a few questions and leave space for you to answer quietly in your heart. You might like to close your eyes.

As we gather this morning, take a moment to ask yourself why you are here. Be honest with yourself.

Pause for a few moments

The bible tells us that when two or three are gathered in Jesus’ name he is there with them.

What is it that you want to receive from God this morning?

Pause for a few moments.

The bible tells us that God wants to give good gifts to his children.

What is it that you need to give to God this morning? Is there a worry or stress that you are carrying? Is there something that you need to confess to him.

Pause for a few moments.

Heavenly Father, search our hearts this morning. Know our motives, know our desires, know our worries and stresses. Forgive us for the things we have done wrong, help us to leave our burdens with you and worship you with all that we have. Amen.