Wilderness – No Signal

This station follows the talk “Count The Cost

Resources Needed:

  • Printed instructions
  • Printed smartphone outline (Search “smartphone outline” on google for images)
  • Pens/Felt Tips


Set up a table with pens/felt tips and some printed smartphone outlines. Print a copy of the following instructions:

When was the last time you checked your phone for a message? The last time you logged in to your emails?
The last time you logged in to Facebook or Twitter?

We spend a lot of time staying connected to other people. Emails, texts and social networking are great and can really help us to keep in touch with the people we love. But they can also be a drain on our time and on our relationships. They can also affect the amount of time we spend with God or interrupt it.

The bible tells us that Jesus spent 40 days in the wilderness. 40 days away from family, friends or any human contact.

How would 40 days with no phone signal feel to you?

How about an hour or two per day?
What could you do with the extra time?
What relationship could you work on?
What extra time could you spend praying or helping out someone who needs it?

Why not decide to give up your phone or computer for an hour or two each day over Lent?

Take one of the smartphone outlines and write down how long each day you plan to give up for AND what you plan to do with the time instead (hint: Don’t spend it watching television!).

Ask God to help you to use this time to draw closer to Him.