Your Love Is…

Resources Needed:

  • A PowerPoint slide with the call and response version of Psalm 36 (below)

The Psalm in today’s lectionary reading is Psalm 36 and we’re going to use it as a way of focusing our minds on God as we begin our worship. You can choose to have a leader read the light print and the congregation the bold print or split the congregation in half and have half read the light and the other half the bold.

Lord, your love is as vast as the heavens!

Your faithfulness is beyond anything we’ve seen!

Your righteousness is greater than mountains

Your justice as unstoppable as the ocean tides

Yet you care for humans and animals alike

Your love is truly amazing!

You are more than enough to satisfy us

We hunger and thirst for nothing else

Fill us up with your unfailing love

And complete the work you have begun in us.

All: Amen.

Finish with a short prayer inviting people to bring to God anything that they need to confess and thanking him for his forgiveness and wonderful love