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"I am convinced that the royal road to church growth, across the Church of England,

is the multiplication of Congregations within our neighbourhoods and networks."


Paul Bayes, Bishop of Liverpool





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Rule Of Life

As disciples of Jesus, Bishop Paul says, we are called to Pray, Read and Learn and sent to Tell, Serve and Give.  This is our Diocesan #RuleOfLife.


Bring One Friend

We can be a bigger church if all our worshipping members commit to #BringOneFriend into the life of their worshipping community.


Do Ten Things

We can all make a bigger difference if we follow our call to serve others and #DoTenThings to extend the Kingdom of God on Earth.



LyCiG courses offer biblical teaching on leading and growing churches, which can be applied to specific congregational contexts.


We encourage the Parishes whom we partner with to adopt the national Church of England's procedures and guidelines for Safeguarding ( If you have any specific information about a partner Congregation which you feel we should be made aware of, please get in touch ( If you have any general Safeguarding concerns, please refer to the relevant guidance on the Diocesan web-page (