Types of new congregation

Congregations are unique communities made up of unique people. They are far too interesting and creative to neatly categorise into simple boxes. Nevertheless there are some broad “types” of congregation.  You might find it helpful when reflecting on the mission God has given your parish to find out about those in similar contexts or doing similar things.

From our links across this diocese and nationally we’re already aware of congregations focussed on

  • All-age café style communities
  • Reaching areas with new housing
  • Asylum seekers and Refugees
  • Young Adults
  • Youth
  • Pensioners
  • Toddlers and carers
  • People facing particular issues of vulnerability such as homelessness or addictions.

More are bound to emerge. Once again, these aren’t neat mutually exclusive categories. For example a new housing area may have a large number of pensioners or those working with refugees may discover most are young adults.

We’re going to add articles about different types as we learn from them in the months ahead. To begin with here is our article about “All Age café style” congregations.