Types Of New Congregation?


Congregations (or 'Worship Communities)' are unique groups of people, made up of unique individuals. They are far too varied to be categorised too neatly. However, there are some broad 'types' of congregation, and specific web-sites which support and resource each type. Click on the relevant web-link(s) below to access each one of these:

  • MINIS (Pre-School Worship Communities)
  • ZONE #2  (All-Age Worship Communities)
  • BELONG  (Worship Communities In Schools)
  • SORTED  (Youth-Led Worship Communities)
  • MESSY CHURCH  (Playfully Serious Worship Communities)
  • NATTER  (Mission & Community With & For The Over 60s)
  • HOME (Worship Communities In New Housing Estates)
  • Young Adults
  • People facing particular issues of vulnerability such as homelessness or addictions.