It’s A Wonderful Life

This station was used after the talk “Giving Great Gifts

Resources needed:

Laptop or DVD player for showing a clip from a film.
DVD copy of “It’s A Wonderful Life” – The clip you’ll need runs from 1hr 57 mins and 55 seconds for about 90 seconds, until Clarence says “don’t you see what a mistake it would be to throw it away”
Printed reflection.


This station is a reflective one aimed at adults and older children/young people.

Show the clip on a loop on a TV or Laptop. Many DVD players allow you to loop a section using the “A>B” button found on the remote. Print a couple of copies of the following reflection to have around the station where you are showing the clip:


After a series of disasters George has had enough. He wishes that he had never been born. An angel is sent to show George how different the world would be without him. The angel shows him how the small things that he did affected the world around him in a big way. As a child he saved the life of his brother who, years later, went on to save the lives of hundreds of others. George realises that without him his brother might have died along with the hundreds of people who his brother saved.

We have no idea of the long term effects that our acts of kindness can have. A simple, kind gesture could have an effect that lasts far beyond what we might expect.

This week take every opportunity you can to show the kindness that God asks us to show to those that you meet. You never know what might happen!