A Different Perspective

This station follows the talk “Setting The Scene 

Resources Needed:


Spend a few minutes looking at some of the optical illusions.

Sometimes the way that we first see something isn’t the only way that there is to see it and sometimes there is more to the things that we see than what we first notice.

John tells us that when Jesus came into the world the people that he was sent to didn’t recognise him. John wants us to expand our image and understanding of Jesus to avoid doing the same. The story doesn’t start with Christmas. Jesus isn’t just a good teacher or a charismatic leader – he is the same God who created the world, taking on flesh and blood and coming to live among us.

Failing to recognise Jesus meant that the people rejected him, they refused to hear what he said and to follow him.

Do we always recognise Jesus or are there times when we lose sight of who he really is?

Ask God to help you to see him more clearly.