Attitude of Gratitude – In All Circumstances

This station follows the talk “An Attitude Of Gratitude

Resources needed:

  • A basket of pebbles
  • Printed instructions


“give thanks in all circumstances” (1 Thess 5:18)

It doesn’t say give thanks for all circumstances, but in the middle of whatever we are going through we can give thanks. That’s really challenging and also really powerful.

See if this exercise helps you.

Take one of the pebbles and hold it in your hand.

As you feel its weight, think of something in life which is difficult for you at the moment.

Let the pebble be a picture of that thing which you are carrying in life.

Notice on the pebble there are marks and imperfections.

Just like life.

There’s also beauty. Look closely. A simple pebble is amazing.

What can you give thanks for in the middle of whatever you are facing?

Say a prayer to offer it to God and express your gratitude.