Beautiful Things

Items Needed:

  • Video of “Beautiful Things” by Gungor (Youtube link here: or slides to accompany someone singing it.
  • PowerPoint slide of Confession liturgy (see below)


Some of the traditional confession liturgies include the lines

“We have wounded your love, and marred your image in us.”

What do you think it means to “mar” something? (ask people to suggest some answers)

To mar something is to spoil or distort it. A bit like graffiti on a beautiful painting. We distort God’s image in us when we do things that hurt him and others in the same way that someone who puts graffiti on a work of art “mars” the work of the artist.

God is in the business of restoration and wants to restore his image within us no matter what we have done.

We’re going to say a confession in a moment, but first we’re going to take a minute to listen to a song that talks about the way that God wants to be involved in restoring us to the people that he wants us to be.

Either play “Beautiful Things” either on a video or have the words on slides as someone sings it to you.


Lord God, We have sinned against you and against others.

We have wounded your love,and marred your image in us.

We are sorry and repent. Have mercy on us.
Wash away our wrong and cleanse us from our sin through Jesus Christ our Lord.
May the Father of mercy cleanse us from our sin, and restore his image in us, through Jesus Christ our Lord.