Family Resources

Here is a wonderful range of resources recommended by Sue Mitchell, our Diocesan Children and Families Missioner:



Maintaining contact with families after a baptism is crucial to supporting them in their on-going journey, providing opportunities to invite Baptism families to come along to is key to building relationships .This website provides a wealth of free information and practical resources that can easily be used in different contexts.

Baptism Follow-Up  


Family Worship

The following websites offer a variety of ways of connecting with families both in and out of any church setting .All provide a wide variety of material’s that can be used in worship, talks, children’s/young people’s  groups, written by a variety of writers including Bob Hartman  the aim is to help people engage with God  and each other.

Engage worship/area 52

Barnabas in churches


Faith In The Home

Care for the family recently reported “That 88% of churches felt they did not offer very much in the way of support for parents in nurturing faith at home, while a further 44% offered no support at all!” As parents are the primary disciplers of their children the following websites offer material’s to enable churches to better support families in this key area.

Parenting for faith 

God Venture            

Care for the family 


Ministry In Schools

Many opportunities to connect with children and families are missed through not engaging with the local schools ,the following  websites that can offer both training events and also a wide selection of resources which can easily be used in a variety of settings.

Prayer spaces in schools

Barnabas in schools

Open the book