Do Whatever He Tells You

This station follows the talk “The Wedding At Cana

Resources Needed:

  • Printed copies of John 2:1-11
  • Printed reflection


Read the passage again.

How easy do you find it to follow other people’s instructions?

Some of us find it easy. Others find it much more difficult, especially if we can’t see the value of what we’re being asked to do.

How do you think the servants felt in today’s passage when Jesus asked them to fill up those huge jars with water?

It probably seemed like a pointless task, they might have thought that no one was going to be fooled into thinking that there was anything other than water there. But, perhaps with Mary’s instructions to do whatever Jesus asked ringing in their ears, they did exactly what Jesus asked them to do.

The results must have been surprising, to say the least!

What is Jesus calling you to do today?

Take a few minutes to ask God to speak to you and then, like the servants, choose to do whatever he tells you and prepare to be surprised with what God does with your obedience.