Generous Resolutions [4/7]

In this fourth of our seven-part blog series on the theme of generosity, the focus is again on Peter’s encounters with the generosity of Jesus.


Image courtesy of @dimhou


When Jesus washes the disciple’s feet in John chapter 13, we see that Peter is hesitant to take part in this strange act (John 13.1-17). At first Peter says he doesn’t want Jesus to wash his feet. After hearing Jesus out, he says that Jesus should wash his hands and his head as well. Jesus continues to explain to Peter and the disciples that this is really a metaphor – we should remain humble enough to serve those we lead and we should help others to get ‘clean’, repenting from their ‘unclean’ sinful lives, to a new eternal life with Christ.


This New Year – How can you humble yourself to receive what you need from Jesus? How can you humble yourself to be like a servant to those whom you lead?


By Mary-Jo Coxhill