A simple, but very powerful action based activity that can be used as a combined confession/gathering activity.

Explain that people may find this easier to do with their eyes closed, though that is entirely up to them.

Hold out your hands in front with your palms facing up and your fists clenched. Take a moment to think of all you are holding, anything that you need to confess to God.

(Pause for a few moments)

If we confess our sins then God is faithful and just and will forgive our sins.

Imagine God’s hands, open, palm upwards below your hands.

Turn your hands over so that your clenched fists are now palm down and open your hands releasing those things to God.

(Pause for a few moments)

Turn your hands over again with palms open and facing upward. It’s a sign of being open to receive all that God has for you today.