Pop Up Church in Blackburn

First Aired on Tuesday 1st September 2020

Ever wondered what it would be like to run a New Worshipping Community outside of a church building? Sharon Collins from Pop Up Church is an Urban Evangelist doing exactly that at a Library in Blackburn.

Using the ‘early church’ from the biblical book of Acts as inspiration, Pop Up Church have come up with creative and inventive ways to engage with people in their local area and they are now accepting people onto discipleship courses at the library they’re based out of.

Please click on this video link below to access the recording of this session:





About Sharon:

“My name is Sharon Collins and I live and work as an Urban Evangelist on a deprived estate in Blackburn, where I help people on the margins to find a way to connect with the God who loves them. Jesus always goes before us and with his leading I’ve planted a culturally relevant church that runs out of a community Library. It’s messy and chaotic but it’s a place of healing and miracles- a community built on Love”.