Listen And Do – Heart, Soul, Mind, Strength

This station was used after the talk “Listen & Do

For this station we adapted activities created by Jeff Strong from his website Mere Disciple (though this web-page – which is not manage by us – is currently ‘down’/unavailable on the internet: 27/8/’19).

Resources Needed:

  • Printed “Heart” “Soul” “Mind” and “Strength” Pages – see the link above for the pages. You may like to copy the text into a word document and editing it to make it more personal to your congregation.
  • Small cards or slips of paper
  • Pens


Spread the four pages out around a large table or stick them to the wall with plenty of space between them. Explain that each contains some practical tips on how we can go about loving God with all our Heart, Soul, Mind and Strength.

Recommend that rather than trying to do all of them they look through the list and find one or two that stand out and think of a time when they can put them into practice.

Invite people to write down the things that they want to do and take it away with them.