A Little Bit of Time, Skill and Perspective

Matthew 14:13-21 Jesus Feeds the 5000


A Little Bit of Time

Keeping an open diary.

Resources Needed:

  • A piece of paper with a table of days the days of the week for the column headings, with empty boxes underneath- 1 per person

Part 1: Ask your congregation to have a go at filling in the chart about how they spend their time. How much time do they have free? Are there times that God can use them even when they are already doing something?

Part 2: Tell your group that even when they’re very busy, God can use the little bit of time they have to do something amazing. Get them to say a prayer offering what time they have to God.

A Little Bit of Skill

Keeping an open hand.

Resources Needed:

  • Make a fish quiz. I used pictures of 10 species for people to guess the fish species- some common so children could answer and some rare for adults. I wrote the answers on the back.
  • White paper

Part 1: There are over 2 million types of sea life and they’re all different! Get your group to have a go at the fish quiz to see if they can work out which one is which.

Part 2: Get you group to then draw their own fish to represent what they can offer the Lord. They should write their skills or gifts in their fish. Their fish will be unique because we all have a unique combination of gifts and skills.


A Little Bit of Perspective

Keeping our eyes open.

Resources Needed:

  • Make a perspective quiz- find zoomed in images of everyday objects for people to guess what the object is
  • Bread
  • Bible verses highlighting that our God can to the impossible

Part 1: Get your group to have a go at the perspective quiz. Can they work out what items the close up images are?

Part 2: Ask them to grab a piece of bread and chew on God’s perspective of their lives as they read Bible verses e.g. Matthew 19:26, Matthew 17:20, Mark 11:24, Jeremiah 32:27.