This station follows the talk “Two Small Doves

Resources Needed:

Use the script below to explain the activity and then have just the words in bold available on a PowerPoint slide or two or three printed copies each table.



The key to this passage lies in recognising our own poverty. We aren’t used to admitting weakness or vulnerability but at the heart of the gospel, the good news, is a recognition that we are spiritually poor and unable to do anything to fix that on our own.

Following the instructions on your table fold the paper to make a bird. Bring your bird to the front and leave it at the altar as a way of confessing your own poverty to God.

The wonderful thing is that as we recognise our own weakness God displays his own strength. For Mary and Joseph, and for us, Jesus is the perfect lamb, the one whose death on the cross was the perfect sacrifice given freely for us.

Once you have left your bird at the altar take a cross away with you as a reminder that of the sacrifice that Jesus, our perfect lamb, made on our behalf. On the cross write a simple prayer of thanks, taking it away with you as a reminder of Jesus’ sacrifice for you.


Alternative Option:

If you would prefer a slightly simpler activity then instead of taking away a cross at the end of the activity you could place a sheepskin style rug on the altar and invite people to place their birds on that as a reminder that Jesus is the lamb, the sacrifice that we cannot make.


The origami bird should look like this once completed: