Prayer Flags

Resources needed:

  • A world map
  • Large sheet of foam or felt.
  • Cocktail Sticks
  • Plain white stickers/printer labels
  • Pens


Lie the world map out on top of the foam/felt so that when people push the flags into the map they remain upright.


For centuries when explorers were exploring the world or empires were conquering new nations the act of planting a flag showed that they had claimed ownership of that particular country or piece of land.

Today we’re going to use tiny prayer flags to ask God to make his kingdom present in situations around the world.

Each table should have some cocktail sticks and printer labels. If you fold a printer label in half around the cocktail stick you get a flag. On that flag write the name of a person, place or situation that you would like to pray for and once you’re ready come and plant the flag on the appropriate part of the map as a way of asking God to bring his kingdom in that situation.

Once everyone has planted their flags close by praying the Lord’s prayer together.