Prayer for Those In Conflict

Resources Needed:

An example world conflict slide

·      A PowerPoint slide with a world map, highlighting the different conflict zones in the world and how long they have been at war

·      Pieces of paper with information about different conflict zones e.g. where, the nature of the conflict, since when, death toll, who it is between, the current status, the notable impacts. Have approx. 1 conflict per group of 3/4

·     A PowerPoint slide with prayer sugestions



Have the congregation look at the map of the world slide with the conflict zones highlighted. Then give out the information about the conflict zones to the groups of 3/4. Allow people time to read the information, then to pray for the countries in conflict.

 Prayer Suggestions:

  1. Pray for peace and an end to war.
  2. Pray for life-saving assistance (food, shelter, healthcare, clothing) and newfound hope.
  3. Pray for healing physically, emotionally and spiritually from the wounds and scars of war.
  4. Pray for continued faith and strength.
  5. Pray for children’s protection and their education.
  6. Pray for the economy and employment.