Prayer Maps


This is a great way to focus your prayers in a really visual way.

If you have access to a computer map with a zoom in and out function that is ideal (Google Maps is great if you have an internet connection) if not there are a couple of other ways to do this activity listed below.

Start with a map of your local area.
Ask people for suggestions of things to pray for in your own area (things in the local news, upcoming events in church, etc.).Have a few prepared to get people started.

Spend some time praying for the things that have been listed. This could be a prayer from the front or silent prayer followed by a prayer from the front.

Repeat this, zooming out to a map of the UK and then again for the world.

Give people enough time to spend a couple of minutes praying but be aware of people in your congregation for whom this sort of activity might be a challenge.


If it’s impractical to have a zoom-able map it will still work extremely well using either three images on PowerPoint slides.

Alternatively, print or draw maps of your town, country and the world and ask people to write their prayers on post-it notes and stick them to the maps. This is a good way of engaging people who might otherwise find praying in other ways more difficult.