Prayers for the Persecuted Church


  • 2 Large pieces of paper
  • Red pens
  • Green pens
  • Other pens


Put up the two large pieces of paper on the wall or on 2 tables with space around them. Write ‘yes’ on one piece in large letters and ‘no’ on the other.

Ask the group to spend some time thinking and praying about things that they would like to say yes to in prayer for the persecuted church e.g. being released from prison, given access to education, access to Bibles etc. Then ask them to go over to the yes piece of paper and write the things that they have prayed about and use the green pen to put a tick by/through what they have written.

Then ask the group to repeat the activity with saying no to things affecting the persecuted church e.g. violence, losing their jobs etc. Ask the group to write the things that they have prayed about and use the red pen to put a cross by/through what they have written.

End the time of intercession by saying a prayer that brings the prayer points from both the yes and no pieces of paper together. You can have the group go to the yes and no sheets of paper simultaneously to avoid bottlenecks if you have a large group.