Resurrection Gardens

This station originally followed the talk “Why Are You Weeping?

Resources needed:

  • Plastic planter boxes (one per table) roughly 30-40 cm long by 20-30 cm wide – you can buy these cheaply at B&Q, Home Bargains, B&M
  • A roll of turf – Roughly £3-4 in a garden centre
  • Stones – you can buy bags of decorative pebbles at most home stores, Home Bargains etc
  • Tissue paper
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Card
  • Felt tip pens


Cut the turf into chunks that fit snugly into the base of the planter boxes before the service (this is a pretty messy job)


Have one person from each table come out and take a planter box back to their table. Explain that each box represents the garden which Mary met Jesus in on Easter Sunday

Ask each table to discuss the following question:

“How do you think Mary felt as she came out into the garden, knowing that Jesus’ body was missing but not knowing where he was?”

Give people a few minutes to discuss and then get them to feed back their answers before asking the second question:

“How do you think Mary felt after she had me with the risen Jesus and realised who he was?”

Explain that for Mary the garden has changed from a place of despair to a place of hope, instead of being somewhere she associated with death it is a place that is full of life, joy and potential.

Invite people to use the craft resources to create gardens that celebrate the hope and life that an encounter with the risen Jesus brings.