Road Signs

Items Needed:

  • PowerPoint Presentation of road signs (see below for images)
  • OR Large printed versions of the same signs.


Explain that you are going to test everyone’s road safety knowledge.
Show one road sign at a time and ask for an explanation of what the sign means. Put in some really simple ones and some more complicated ones. (There is a list of UK road signs at type “road signs” in the search box.)

As the final road sign show a STOP sign.
Ask what the sign means. The correct answer is “Stop and give way”

As we come to worship today God asks us to stop.
Taking a break from everything else that is going on and to be still. He also asks us to give way.
Allowing him to take over.

Take a moment of quiet to stop and to focus on God’s presence with us. Conclude with a prayer inviting God to meet with you as you stop and give way.