Items needed:

Small plastic plant pots
Seeds (Any flower or herb seeds you can find that will grow in a pot)
Seed markers (You can buy these or make them from lolly ice sticks and white card) Pens


Fill each plant pot to about three quarters of the way up. If you are making your seed marker stick a square of white card to the top of each lolly ice stick.


In Matthew 13 Jesus compares our lives to the soil in a farmer’s seed.

How is your soil?
Healthy and ready to grow things or dry and in need of some care?

Ask God to help you to be ready to receive from him.

Take one of the seeds from the tub. Think about the gifts and abilities you have. Make a hole in the soil to plant the seed. As you place the seed in the soil ask God to take what you have to offer and to use it for his kingdom.

What are the sorts of things that stop you or distract you from following God?

Write a short prayer on the seed marker asking God to help you to put aside any distractions or things that would hold you back.

Take your plant pot home, keep it somewhere where you will see it regularly, where it will get plenty of sunshine and see what grows!