Stained Glass Windows

We used this activity after the talk “Stupid Questions” but it would work with almost any bit of biblical narrative and can either be done as individual “windows” or as something created between a table. It can be done simply with tissue paper stuck on to regular paper for a stained glass window effect or stuck onto clear plastic acetate sheets for “windows” that let the light through.

There are some examples below.

Resources Needed:

  • Tissue Paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue (pritt-stick style glues should be fine and less messy)
  • Pencils or felt tip pens (for drawing outlines)
  • Plain paper as a base (A2 sheets if you’re working as a table) OR clear plastic acetate sheets
  • Instructions either printed or on the screen.


What part of today’s stories inspired you the most?

What have you learnt from it?

Create a stained glass window that tells that part of the story.


Once people have had a chance to create their “windows” ask people to who would like to share to show their images and explain their answers to the questions. This can be done around tables or from the front.