The Dot

Items needed:

  • PowerPoint, Computer & Projector.

Note: This can be done just as effectively with large sheets of paper and a felt tip.


You’ll need three slides with white backgrounds for this PowerPoint. Leave the first and third slides blank and on the second slide add a small black dot somewhere towards one of the corners.

The idea is that even though the dot is small the eye is automatically drawn to it as it stands out from the white background.


Starting on the first slide explain that as we come to worship we come before a holy God who is perfect and without fault.

Clicking on to the next slide explain that we are not perfect. The wrong things we do are a little like the dot on the white screen. They spoil the blank screen.

Invite people to spend a moment quietly reflecting on what they need to confess to God.

Read 1 John 1:9, and click onto the third, plain white screen, explaining that with God’s forgiveness our sins are removed. God makes it as if they were never there and we are able to come to worship free from our mistakes.